Mafia Cops Conspiracy

By Dan Gordon and Andrea Eppolito

What's Mafia Cops Conspiracy about?

This is the true story of two highly-decorated NYPD detectives, Louie Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, who were falsely accused of leaking confidential information to Lucchese crime boss Anthony “Gas Pipe” Casso, and acting as his hitmen. They were never indicted with actual murder charges because incredibly, the prosecution admitted there was no evidence. Instead, they were charged with RICO — the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act — which allows prosecution for acts committed as part of an ongoing criminal conspiracy.This story is far more sinister and runs much deeper than the attempt to frame three honest cops (one of whom was found not guilty and the other two sentenced to life without parole), however. In setting free the FBI agent accused of being the real source of information for the mob, this incident affected the lives of every person in America, because if we pull long and hard enough on one thread of this story, it leads us all the way to 9/11.

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We examine the role of FBI Special Agent R. Lindsey DeVecchio as alleged mob informant and how a coverup of his crimes may have lead to two innocent men being jailed for life as well as worldwide Islamic terrorist activities.

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