Make Chic Happen

By Chic Influencer

What's Make Chic Happen about?

Welcome to the Make Chic Happen Podcast with your hosts Melanie Mitro and Katy Ursta. This podcast was designed for women business owners in mind. We know that building a business is messy, it's hard, and it brings about so many challenges that you never thought possible. In the Make Chic Happen Podcast, Katy and Melanie are going to unpack what being female business owners, raising kids, and trying to keep it calm and collected is like. They are going to give you the REAL TRUTH about business ownership every single week!
With over 7 years of business experience they are about to rock your socks off with motivation, tips, tools and more!

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Episode 171: The Direct Sal...


Today, in part 3 of our 3 part series titled “The Direct Sales Standout,” you can feel Katy light a FIRE right under you with her top 5 tips for showing up on social media! She boldly (and politely) begs ...

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