Make Money on Instagram: How to Pitch & Land Brand Deals That Pay

09.01.2021 - By The Influencer Podcast

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In today's episode, Julie teaches you her Pitch Profit Method, shares her research roadmap and the strategy that she teaches inside her Pitch It Perfect program as well as shares why you’re at an advantage if you have a micro-following and why. To take Julie’s FREE 60-minute class where you can learn more strategies and get a free pitch template, click here.  What you'll hear: My Pitch Profit Method: How to make money working with brands, no matter your follower number Shine Structure: How to pitch to brands and get responses Mirco-Following Advantage: Why having a smaller following is better for landing brand deals Research: Julie's shares some of her "research roadmap" strategy that she teaches inside her program Pitch It Perfect for you to use today Pitch Template and Process: Julie's invites you to a free 60-minute class where you can learn more strategies and get a free pitch template  What did you think of today’s episode? If you connect with the things I chatted about today, I urge you to apply for my exclusive networking mastermind SHINE at   To dive deeper into each episode with myself and other podcast listeners, plus receive exclusive bonuses relating to the show, come join The Influencer Podcast Facebook group.    And be sure to snap a screenshot and tag me @julssolomon as you’re listening to this week’s episode. Remember to hashtag #theinfluencerpodcast, that way I can share your screenshot on my story too!

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