By WIRED Brand Lab, Nokia and Matt Mira

What's #maketechhuman about?

#maketechhuman is a new podcast hosted by The Nerdist’s Matt Mira, presented by WIRED Brand Lab and enabled by Nokia, to explore where technology is heading and how it is impacting humanity. Our goal is to host a series of discussions and debates that will impact global discourse, human behavior and even product development and policy making. Over the next few months, we'll be exploring a number of core #maketechhuman issues, such as Artificial Intelligence, Privacy + Security, Connectivity, and Equity. You won't want to miss a single episode. Participants in the #maketechhuman program include Dan Ariely, Yves Behar, Rodney Brooks, Stephen Hawking, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Monica Lewinsky, Fei-Fei Li, Sugata Mitra and Hossein Moiin. For more, check out wired.com/maketechhuman.

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#maketechhuman Episode 9: M...


United States CTO Megan Smith and Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig join us for todays #maketechhuman. In this episode we discuss governing in a supremely digital age. How is it different? Where is it going? What can you do?

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