Making an Impact: Politics and Mental Health

09.27.2019 - By Mental Health News Radio

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Can politics have an impact on our mental well being? Yes! Especially in today's political climate. As any mental health therapist will tell you, since 2017 they've seen a significant rise in anxiety and depression around one topic (and it doesn't matter what side of the political aisle): Politics. As much as we at mental health news radio try to avoid the topic all together, today we speak with someone just entering the arena with agenda we fully support: Mental Health! Listen in as we talk about why this topic is important to Rodney Willett and why WE must remember that our votes matter.Rodney Willett is an entrepreneur, attorney, and technology consultant. Throughout his professional career – almost 30 years - he has worked extensively with state and local governments to address their management, technology, and legal needs. And as an entrepreneur, Rodney has pursued innovative business models, including with his current company Impact Makers, a technology consulting firm that contributes all profits to local charities. In addition to serving others in his professional career, Rodney volunteers on numerous boards and committees, including Rx Partnership, Children’s Health Insurance Program Advisory Committee, and the Richmond Performing Arts Alliance. Throughout his work and volunteer activities, Rodney has dedicated his life to making a difference for

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