Ep. 178: Mama. And America, Too.

04.02.2021 - By Rumble with Michael Moore

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April 2nd, 1921, is the 100th birthday of Michael's mother, Veronica Moore. If you've ever wondered how Michael Moore turned out to be, well, Michael Moore, start with her as he reveals (mostly) all.

The trial of the former police officer who killed George Floyd has been taking place in Minneapolis this week. The horrific footage of the life being choked out of Floyd by Derek Chauvin has been played nonstop from several angles, and we've heard Floyd's cries for his mother over and over again. We're also hearing testimony from young witnesses who stood on the curb watching the murder taking place, not knowing what they could do to help, and in the case of teenager Darnella Frazier, carefully filming the killing so the world could soon bear witness. The trial has been devastating, and Michael Moore demands of white Americans: DON’T LOOK AWAY.

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