Man Wolves, Missing People, and Strange Experiences 13 Wolves Seen in one Night!

10.13.2019 - By Deborah Hatswell. Cryptid Creatures and Unexplained Events

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Please join me as I speak with a long time Wolf Man Investigator. Mike has travelled the UK in search of not only answers but also in search of as many encounters as possible. At one time he was surrounded by 13 wolves at an area which he believes to be a meeting area. Mike is more than happy to share with anyone his evidence, images and video. He has looked into the missing people that vanish from the sighting areas, or cases where only one or two body parts are left to be discovered. And they are usually tagged as No Suspicious Circumstances by the Authorities.If you would like to view Mikes evidence finds or go out with him into his research area, please contact Deborah at [email protected] and a member of the admin team with pass over your contact details to Mike.If you would like to join our Worldwide community please contact us using [email protected] All abilities welcome, no experience needed. Help us investigate these cases or chat with fellow members online.#BBR is a non profit Organisation, run by volunteers. Please click LIKE or SUBSCRIBE to show support. Feel free to SHARE.Copyright ©2005-2021 All Rights Reserved.

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