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AUM is the most powerful mantra. It is able to reveal all the qualities of the soul. But choose a mantra you would like to use. Repeat it out loud or to yourself. Feel that the source of the mantra is in the deepest, inmost recesses of your heart and that you have to really focus, really concentrate to open the floodgates of that quality. Use the flow of your breath if you like to create the rhythm of the flow of energy.
For this exercise, please try three different mantras. In actual classes we give people the opportunity to vote for the mantras they like the best. Invariably 'Peace', 'Love' and 'AUM' are the most popular - so let's try them. For each of these mantras i would like you to feel that you are not creating the quality but rather that the quality exists in infinite measure within you and all you are doing is allowing it to be channelled into your consciousness. For example, let's try 'peace'.
Please close your eyes and imagine a fountain of peace is flowing from the inmost recesses of your heart. You might visualise it is a light or even a rainbow that is shining from deep within and flowing out into every atom of your being. With each repetition of 'Peace' feel that flow of energy. Try and remember that this flow is not your possession - it is the channelling of the infinite peace that is the nature of the kingdom of heaven and rises from within each of us.
Repeat the mantra out loud for 2-4 minutes then for the same time to yourself. Take a moment or two to contemplate what you have felt at the end of each mantric exercise.
Repeat the process with the mantra 'love'. You might imagine that your repetition of the mantra is allowing you to connect to that most powerful connecting force, love.
Finally with the mantra, AUM, you might simply recall that AUM is said to be the closest sound to the actual vibration of the soul. That every quality of the soul is present in AUM and the wonderful thing is that whatever we need will be presented to us with the repetition of this most powerful of all mantras. Feel it vibrating from your soul and transforming every cell of your being.

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