Ep 22 Many Women Many Stories - How Hair Shapes our Identity

11.13.2019 - By The Gardenia Project -Women's Storytelling

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In this podcast we listen to multiple voices from women (including my own) telling their stories of vulnerability or power about their hair, how a hair cut changed their life, what other people thought about it, changes that came over time or abruptly, that impacted their life and how they felt about themselves.
My kid, I think, said it best and most succinctly when I asked her if it should be a big deal when a woman decides to cut off all her hair she said, “Well if it feels like a big deal to them then definitely support that, but if they are like ‘this is no biggie’ then you shouldn’t make a huge deal out of it.” Simple and so wise. Too bad our society often doesn’t follow her advice.
Listen in to hear the multi layered feelings we have around our hair. Check out the blog post with portraits of the women here: 
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