220 Marathons And Counting: Linda Ambard Runs to Thrive After Her Husband Was Assassinated

03.30.2022 - By Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

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After her husband was killed in Afghanistan and the terrorist bombs at the Boston Marathon went off in front of her, Linda Ambard vowed not to let terrorism take any more from her. As of this year, Linda has run 220 marathons, with at least one in every state and one on each of the seven continents. Linda’s story is about more than just survival.  It’s about learning to thrive no matter what life gives you. Her running accomplishments are nothing short of amazing, but it’s her perseverance that resonates most with me. Coach Claire asks her about her incredible story, the naysayers who say she’s running too much, and how she trains and recovers to run so many marathons so often. Linda is deeply positive and inspiring so if you need a little lift in your steps today, this is the story that will do it. Connect, Comment, Community Follow RunnersConnect on Instagram Join the Elite Treatment where you get first dibs on everything RTTT each month! Runners Connect Winner's Circle Facebook Community  RunnersConnect Facebook page GET EXPERT COACHING AT RUNNERSCONNECT! This week’s show brought to you by: Inside Tracker Inside Tracker is the ultimate resource for runners who want to optimize their health and nutrition. Using their patented algorithm, InsideTracker analyzes your body’s data to provide you with a clear picture of what's going on inside you. Then, they offer you science-backed recommendations for positive diet and lifestyle changes.  Next, InsideTracker tracks your progress every day and adjusts based on real-time feedback from your body. The best part is that you can do it all from home and it isn’t expensive. Plus, for a limited-time you can get 25% off any InsideTracker plan or service when you use the code RTTTPRO25 .  Just head to https://runnersconnect.net/insidetracker and use the code RTTTPRO25 for 25% off. Magnesium Breakthrough from Bioptimizers.  Supplementing with magnesium before you go to bed has been shown in scientific studies to… Increase in muscle oxygenation during high intensity exercise Reduce inflammation  Significantly improve sleep quality Improve aerobic exercise capacity when training. When you’re looking for a magnesium supplement, make sure you take one that is organic and has all 7 unique forms of magnesium.  My recommendation is Magnesium Breakthrough from Bioptimizers because it’s made with the highest quality, organic magnesium and contains all 7 critical forms. Most other magnesium supplements are synthetic and only contain one or two forms of magnesium, which is simply not enough. For an exclusive offer go to magbreakthrough.com/runtothetop and use code run10 to save 10% when you try Magnesium Breakthrough. Plus, they offer a full refund up to one year after your purchase, no questions asked.

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