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Tonight Jordan Cline welcomes J.W. Holmes and Mark Brayer to the show.
J.W. Holmes is an author and Mark Brayer is an artist, and together they have been exploring everything their creative minds can think up, writing and releasing a book each month until next June!
During the show we discussed a few of their New books.
“Holy Moon” The Holy Moon trilogy is a fiction series surrounding the trials of Peter Foreman, a Christian werewolf battling his curse with faith and a determination to end it by following a trail of lycanthrope relation and a new culture not well understood by him.
“The Nordic” Taking place in the UK in a town called Sunbury,”The Nordic” is a story of William Davidson, who discovers his genetic make-up is far closer to those of the Nordic alilen race than anyone else’s
on Earth. Because of his near perfect DNA, he has been sought out and befriended by a liaison of the Nordics named Bertil, to mentor and prepare him for announcing the truth of human history on Earth and how we came to be. But first, William and Bertil must work together to find out what that true history is!
“The Paul Hawkinson Mysteries” Paul Hawkinson is a 3rd generation Norwegian-American and a veteran careerist of the U.S. Army who had been formerly attached to Special Forces as a trained psychological operations soldier. After being honorably discharged due to military budget cuts, upset and concerned, he finds himself back home unsure of what to do with his life now. Having only been trained by the military in a very singular skill his whole 15-year service career, it didn’t seem to translate well into the civilian sector, until opportunity came in the way of a terrible phone call from his cousin in Denver that began a series of mysteries that only someone as agitated, focused, and determined as Paul Hawkinson could piece together and endure.
There is also a certain amazing Radio Host that has been turned into a character in his books.. listen to the show to find out who!!
Both of these trilogies are also going to be a comic book series.
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