Maree Lowes | What is next for 'Dirt Girl'?

07.13.2020 - By The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott

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Charlie's guest for the final episode of Series 1 of the Regenerative Journey is Maree Lowes. In a fascinating and thought provoking interview Maree delves into her Regenerative Journey post 'Dirt Girl'. Maree chats about her current studies and passion for disaster resilience & sustainable development and what she believes can be done to help safe guard the planet & mankind for future generations...Maree and Charlie wrap up their conversation with an exciting announcement about a new collaboration that they are hard at work on! To start a dialogue and converse more about topics raised in this podcast, please visit The Regenerative Journey Podcast Facebook Group.  Episode Takeaways :  You can have all the facts in the world but if people haven't connected with their hearts, with what it is we are trying to protect then it is really hard to sustain any behavioural change and to keep it going | We are as big and as small as the largest thing and the smallest things in the universe | A big principle of regenerative agriculture is learning to listen to the land and respecting the power of biodiversity and systems and the power that nature has | So early on in life, we are having the wrong conversations about what food offers us | (Talking about the Masters Maree is currently studying towards)...My heart is a little calmer as I feel that I am going to the crux of some of the work that needs to be done. Looking at the systems that are in place and why they're not serving and why they're not creating a resilient regenerative future for us | The fires on the back of the long drought…has brought it home to Aussies that idea of a drying and warming climate and the outcomes of that…isn't a solely academic thing any more. It's real | When the system is still going in the opposite direction it makes people question why they should make changes | Going forward, we need to learn to listen to ourselves again. This is going to be really important | The importance of staying connected to purpose and community are incredibly valuable | (On Charlie) I had a fan-girl moment when I found you that you were a Landcare Ambassador !  Episode Links : Maree Lowes - Website  Jillamatong - Martin Royds property , Braidwood, NSW  Beyond the Brink - Peter Andrews, Farmer/ educator/ author Tarwyn Park Training - Natural Sequence Farming / Stuart Andrews Dark Emu - Bruce Pascoe  Climate Refugees - Definition  Master of Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development Program - Information  Radical Hope - Richard Lear author Psychological flexibility - Overview BYO Bottle Campaign - Jack Johnson/ Maree Lowes  Time banking - Definition  Landcare Australia Organisation  Bob Hawke Landcare Award  National Bushfire & Climate  Summit - June 2020 Building Bridges to Boorowa - Landcare Gateway Project Mulloon Creek Institute  The Farm - Tom & Emma Lane / Byron Bay Three Blue Ducks - Restaurant / The Farm  Pocket City Farms - Food Education & Community Clayton Donovan - Chef  Joost Bakker - Activist and founder of Melbourne’s first zero waste restaurant Zach Bush - Physician & educator Carbon8 - Helen McCosker NRAD - 14th Feb annually NRAD & Kelly Jones  The Castle - Film  Rachel Ward - Film director / beef farmer 

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