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05.01.2021 - By Ms Marvel Podcast from Defenders TV Podcast

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This week we discuss Marvel Studio's Assembled: The Making of Falcon and the Winter Soldier a new documentary released on Disney+. We also reveal the winner of our Falcon and Winter Soldier Pub Quiz Funko Pop goodies.

The Making of Falcon and The Winter Soldier Synopsis

We discuss some of the things we learned in the new documentary. We chat all about the filming process, the impact of earthquakes and the global pandemic, the visual effects and loads more.

Pub Quiz Answers and Winner

During each podcast we asked a question in our Pub Quiz. There were lots of entrants but there could be only one winner. Find out who will get the first set of Funko Pops on the podcast.

The Questions and answers are as follows:

Episode 1 Question: Including Batroc, How many flying Squirrel parachutists jump out of the plan with their hostage Captain Vassant?Answer - FiveEpisode 2 Question: In what year did Isaiah Bradley and the Winter Soldier first meet?Answer - 1951Episode 3 Question: -What is the three ‘R’ motto of the Global Repatriation Council?Answer - Reset, Restore, RebuildEpisode 4 Question: What is the final trigger word in the Winter Soldier’s activation protocol?Answer - Freight CarEpisode 5 Question: What is the name of Sarah’s fishing trawler that Sam and Bucky are repairing?Answer - Paul and DarleneEpisode 6 Question: What was the main chemical component or ingredient in the chemical device used on a Flag Smasher by Sharon Carter in the car park basement of the GRC?Answer - Mercury Vapour

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Derek, Chris and John

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