Marvel's Hawkeye Episode 4 Partners Am I Right?

12.10.2021 - By Ms Marvel Podcast from Defenders TV Podcast

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We're chatting all about Hawkeye Episode 4 "Partners, Am I Right?". We're going into full spoiler filled detail on LARPers, Rolex's, Pizza Parties and cameos in our latest Podcast.

Hawkeye Episode 4 "Partners, Am I Right?" Synopsis

Head Writer: Jonathan Igla

Episode Written by: Erin Cancino and Heather Quinn

Episode Directed By: Bert & Bertie

Staff Writer: Heather Quinn

Executive Story Editors: Katrina Mathewson and Tanner Bean

Clint Barton and Kate Bishop manage to defuse the sword-to-the-neck situation after Jack Duquesne and Eleanor Bishop recognise him as an Avenger. But learning about their “partnership” Eleanor asks Clint to keep her daughter out of their investigation into the Tracksuit Mafia. But Clint just promises to keep her safe and leaves, sneaking the Ronin Sword with him. Later that day Eleanor leaves an urgent message to an unknown person to inform them of the situation.

But Clint is suspicious and with the help of his wife Laura, he discovers that Jack is the CEO of Sloan Limited, a shell corporation that launders money for the Tracksuit Mafia. That night Kate tries to soften the blow of another night away from his family, as she throws an impromptu Christmas party for Clint, Pizza Dog and herself. As the slushy cocktails flow and the two reminisce, Kate deduces that Hawkeye took up the mantle of Ronin during The Blip.

The next day after many cups of coffee Clint locates Kazi and asks him to talk down Maya Lopez out of her vendetta against Ronin, while Kate enlists the LARPERS to retrieve the trick arrows out of an NYPD lockup.

In a follow-up call from Laura, she informs her husband that the Rolex watch stolen by the Tracksuit Mafia is still emitting a tracking signal from a building in downtown New York. While Hawkeye keeps watch from the roof of the building opposite, Kate goes to retrieve it, but soon discovers that the watch is located in Maya’s apartment, where she also keeps notes on Clint Barton and his family.

As Maya confronts and attacks Kate, Hawkeye is ambushed by a masked assassin but he manages to send a zip wire to get Kate out of Maya’s apartment, where she joins him to fight both Maya and the unknown assassin.

In the ensuing fight, Kate injures Maya, forcing her to retreat; Hawkeye manages to unmask his assailant and comes face to face with Yelena Belova, Natasha Rominov’s sister, before she escapes.

With the realisation that a Black Widow Assassin is now involved, Clint refuses to put Kate in any further danger and breaks off their partnership.

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