Marvel's Hawkeye Episode 6 So This Is Christmas

12.22.2021 - By Ms Marvel Podcast from Defenders TV Podcast

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Merry Christmas everyone we're back discussing the finale of Marvel's Hawkeye Episode 6 "So This Is Christmas". We're chatting about it all in spoiler filled detail so make sure you've watched the episode before listening.

Hawkeye Episode 6 "So This Is Christmas" Synopsis

Head Writer: Jonathan Igla

Episode Written by: Jonathan Igla and Elisa Lomnitz Climent

Episode Directed By: Rhys Thomas

Staff Writer: Heather Quinn

Executive Story Editors: Katrina Mathewson and Tanner Bean

Kingpin exerts his presence on the situation with Eleanor and their working relationship. Despite all she has done from murdering Armand III and framing Jack she draws the line at what must happen to her daughter Kate Bishop as she tries to extract herself rom New York’s criminal matermind.

With the Kingpin involved things get real as he looks to clean up the threat to his interests from Eleanor’s insurance policy and the meddling intrusion of Hawkeye and Kate. If things weren’t bad enough Kingpin also realises that his niece Maya Lopez knows the truth of her fathers death and has turned on him and his operations. But he is resolved that the people need to be reminded that the city of New York belongs to him - the Kingpin.

At Bishop Securities’ Christmas do the competing interests collide. Prepared with new trick arrows and with their LARPer friends embedded at the party as waiters, Kate and Clint Barton work together to foil the murder of Eleanor.

The party is crashed by Kazi and his sniper rifle as he can take down not only Eleanor but Hawkeye and his partner Kate Bishop. As chaos rings out through the guests the LARPers get them to safety and are assisted by a sword wielding Jack Duquense, who has been released from police custody.

At the battle of Rockefeller, Clint and Kate fight the hordes of Tracksuit Mafia. As Clint looks to nullify Kazi, another uninvited guest Yelena Belova is hot on his heels. She catches up with him to kill him, but Clint finally gets through to her when he shares Natasha’s secret whistle with her sister, explaining that no one could have stopped the Black Widow once she decided to sacrifice herself. Elsewhere, Maya confronts and kills an unrepentant Kazi for his role in the urder of her father.

While, Kate confronts The Kingpin and finally bests him before turning her mother over to the police for the murder of Armand. Kingpin drags himself away before the NYPD can find him but Maya comes to take revenge for her fathers murder.

Clint finally makes it home to his family with Kate and Lucky the Pizza dog in tow. Former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Laura gets her watch back as the Barton family celebrate Christmas together and settle in to watch the mid-credit song from the fant...

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