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08.11.2021 - By Ms Marvel Podcast from Defenders TV Podcast

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We're back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but not as we know it with Marvel's What If? Episode 1 as Margaret Peggy Carter lives a very different life because of one very small choice.

Marvel's What If? Episode 1 Synopsis

Executive Produced by: Bryan Andrews, A.C. Bradley, Brad Winderbaum with Kevin Feige

Head Writer: A.C. Bradley

Episode Written by: A.C. Bradley

Episode Directed By: Bryan Andrews

One small choice can change the universe! As the Watcher watches on, Agent Peggy Carter decides not to watch from the observation booth at the creation of America’s first super soldier but to stay close to Steve Rogers as he undergoes Erskine’s procedure.

But an attack from a Hydra agent to steal the super serum leaves Steve shot and wounded. To save the project from failure Peggy steps into the chamber to become Britain’s first super soldier, Captain Carter!

With the Red Skull terrorising Europe, he steals the tesseract that he plans to use to supplant the Third Reich with Hydra and its champion from another dimension. Captain Carter and the 107th division with Bucky Barnes are on it as they hunt him down with the help of the “Hydra Stomper”, created by Howard Stark with tesseract technology and with Steve Rogers at the helm.

But on a narrow mountain train track deep in enemy territory the plan to capture the Red Skull goes badly wrong and Steve Rogers is taken prisoner. At the Red Skull’s lair he calls on his interdimensional creature using the recovered tesseract.

With the world on a knife edge, Captain Carter and the 107th, rescue Steve and Peggy fights for the survival of her world pushing the tentacled creature back through the portal but is lost to its dimension. Steve and Peggy don’t get their dance.

Seventy years later at a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility a new portal opens up. As chopped tentacles fly out Nick Fury and Clint Barton welcome Captain Carter back into her world.

Marvel's What If? Episode 1 Cast

Hydra Stomper

* The Watcher played by Jeffrey Wright* Peggy Carter played by Hayley Atwell* Howard Stark played by Dominic Cooper* Arnim Zola played by Toby Jones* Dum Dum Dug...

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