Marvel's What If Thor Were An Only Child? Episode 7 podcast from TV Podcast Industries

09.23.2021 - By Ms Marvel Podcast from Defenders TV Podcast

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With very special guest Jason Cabassi of we Partay with the Party Prince as we chat about Marvel's What If? Episode 7 "What If Thor Were An Only Child?" in full spoiler filled detail.

You can hear all of Jason's podcasts, including his coverage of What If...?, over at PODCASTICA.COM

Marvel's What If? Episode 7 Synopsis

Executive Produced by: Bryan Andrews, A.C. Bradley, Brad Winderbaum with Kevin Feige

Head Writer: A.C. Bradley

Episode Written by: A.C. Bradley

Episode Directed By: Bryan Andrews

One Party can change the world for a while!

The All-Father Odin is entering his rejuvenating Odin-Sleep leaving Thor in charge of Asgard.  His mother Frigga takes the chance to go and visit her sisters, so Thor decides to party somewhere outside of the view of stoic watcher Heimdal. They settle on Las Vegas in Midgard and travel there for the party of the universe.

While monitoring for intergalactic signals, Jane Foster and her research assistant Darcy track the party prince and get brought in to his celebrations. As things get more festive Thor falls for Jane and Darcy marries the space travelling Howard the Duck.

But with Nick Fury in hospital after being denied entry to the shindig, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Maria Hill, Phil Coulson and Brock Rumlow are unable to stop the spread across the earth and, worrying the planet will be destroyed they call in the biggest gun they have; Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel and Thor fight but, with Captain Marvel put into time out by Mjolnir, Thor continues partying as the celebrations spill all the way to Paris, London and Australia. He is joined by Loki Laufeyson and his fellow frost giants. Thor’s brother from another mother also knows how to party on a grand scale but as it spirals out of control Jane Foster does the only thing she knows to do to stop it. She calls Thor’s mother Frigga. 

Frigga leaves immediately to discipline Thor but he’s learned his lesson and cleans up the Earth before she gets there. 

As Thor invites Jane out on a date before he returns with Frigga to Asgard, a portal opens and Ultron Sentries spill out, followed by sentient robot Vision in possession of all six infinity stones.

Marvel's What If? Episode 7 Cast

* The Watcher - Jeffrey Wright* Thor - Chris Hemsworth* Jane Foster - Natalie Portman* ...

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