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What's Master Spanish now! - Learning Spanish Fast about?

Our audio podcasts are aimed at advanced and intermediate Spanish learners. They cover a wide range of relevant, up-to-date topics so that you can quickly understand Spanish-speaking culture as well as the language. We also think that we are truly unique for two reasons: 1. We speak in the most widely spoken Spanish - Latin American Spanish - and have a particular focus on Colombia. 2. We go one step further than your Spanish textbook - and include words that local people actually use. Based on work that we have done before, we know that if you listen to one of our 19-minute audio podcasts each day or each week, it will be a great help on your way to fluency!

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Advanced Spanish – Episode ...


Before the Europeans arrived to the American continent, a variety of cultures were living - and had lived – on the continent over the years. In this episode, we discuss two of the most incredible from Colombia. We start by ...