Master Your Mind With Marisa

By Marisa Peer

What's Master Your Mind With Marisa about?

Join renowned celebrity therapist Marisa Peer for her self-development podcast. In each series, Marisa explores different topics to help you master your mind in order to master your life. With over 30 years of experience treating clients including A-listers and athletes, Marisa addresses common issues in a current context. Listen to this podcast to improve your self-esteem and self-love. In the guest interview series Marisa speaks with mindset and success experts including Gabby Bernstein, Lewis Howes, Matthew Hussey, John Assaraf, David Sinclair, Dr Caroline Leaf, Dr David Hamilton, Dr Steven Gundry, Phil Town, Emily Fletcher and Johann Hari. Discussions cover topics from mental health and anxiety, to neuroscience and meditation, to relationships and dating. Write to [email protected] to tell us what you would love to hear more of. >> Marisa's FREE self-esteem workbook:

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