Mastering Your LinkedIn Ads and Speaking Skills with AJ Wilcox

01.28.2021 - By The Present Beyond Measure Show: Data Storytelling, Presentation & Visualization for Data Practitioners

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Present Beyond Measure Show for 2021! Today on the show, we will be having an inspiring conversation about LinkedIn Ads, data visualization, and public speaking with AJ Wilcox. 
AJ talks about how to get started on LinkedIn, why its targeting functionality is worth the high cost, the best LinkedIn call-to-action strategy,, and so much more. 
As well as being a LinkedIn guru,  AJ is a highly gifted orator and in the next chunk of the episode, we explore his secret sauce for delivering powerful and impactful presentations.  In This Episode, You’ll Learn… How AJ fell into the world of SEO and LinkedIn advertising.What makes LinkedIn a good platform to advertise on despite its reputation for being expensive.The minimum amount per month to spend on LinkedIn to see results.The right-sized call to action that fits the cost of advertising on LinkedIn.How to incorporate retargeting into a LinkedIn ad strategy using Google and Facebook.Creating warm audience targets on LinkedIn using ‘closer lists’.Tracking channel contribution using tracking parameters and Google channel contribution reports.AJ’s favorite ways of capturing and visualizing data on his clients’ performance.Switching gears to AJ’s skill as a speaker and where his journey began.People, Blogs, and Resources Mentioned:My first book insiders waiting listThe LinkedIn Ads Show by AJ WilcoxThe Everyone Hates Marketers Show by Louis GrenierAJ Wilcox on LinkedInPresent Beyond Measure Interview with Nancy DuarteThe Social Media Marketing PodcastTalk Like TED by Carmine GalloSign up for the exclusive waiting list for my new book.My free 30-second online assessment to find out the #1 silent killer of your data presentationsSchedule a workshop planning strategy session with me.How to Keep Up with AJ Wilcox:AJ's LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook profiles

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