Master's Fitness Collective Stops By, Plus We Catch Up with the Crew!

05.06.2021 - By The Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends

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We talk to the Crew from Master's Fitness Collective who are holding a CrossFit affiliated competition in Ft. Wayne Indiana on Labor Day Weekend to celebrate and focus on the Master's Athletes who make up so much of the CrossFit Community. We also hear how Cat's son has been dealing and hitting! Amy is getting ready for a Grad party and nervous about the AGOQ, Scott was on with Julie Foucher, We talk about Amy doing Underdogs Athletics, Cat continuing HWPO and how Scott is adjusting his approach to focus on elements of the workout. 6 Athletes get moved to live events, the underbelly of Social Media Harrasment... and our best thing from the Internet.

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