Maths Appeal

By Podcast by Bobby Seagull, Susan Okereke & Jenny Nelson

What's Maths Appeal about?

Bobby Seagull and Susan Okereke are two maths fans on a mission to make maths more accessible to everyone!

The Maths Appeal podcast features discussions about key maths topics, maths puzzles and interviews with maths champions from the worlds of tech, entertainment, comedy and education.

Maths Appeal is an independent project created by Bobby Seagull, Susan Okereke and producer Jenny Nelson. The music is written and performed by Kele Okereke and the logo design is by Calixte Davis.

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Maths Appeal 2019 GCSE Special


Bobby and Susan present a special edition of the podcast for students preparing to sit GCSE Maths exams - and it's also a support guide for parents of students and teachers too, Susan and Bobby discuss the exam structure, feedback ...

Maths Appeal episodes: