Mayhem and Shenanigans with The Ballantynes

06.25.2015 - By Everything And The Kitchen Sink

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So you might wonder why I don't do band interviews? It's a fine art to curate questions, do proper research to get that info that the fans and the listeners want. That's WORK people!

I have to give a proper thanks to Tim, who has the show called Rocket From Russia because I think he provided the only proper questions for this interview.

But seriously folks, I am horrible at interviews, in fact I did interview some of the band members via internet. You can read it right here.

Sometimes it's just great to create mayhem and nonsense. And well The Ballantynes brought that to the show. If you haven't heard the band... Wait a second... ARE YOU NEW TO MY SHOW?!

A very special thank you to the Ballantynes: Jarrod, Vanessa, Milkshake, Corey, Max and last but not least Mick... Oh and Felix their producer! It was a great amount of laughs,rants and to go with it a great playlist of music.

The Playlist

Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs - Calgary Hills
Dwight Twilley - Looking For The Magic
Leon Bridges - Better Man
Nervous Talk - Sasha
Johnny De Courcy - Andrea's Song
Needles//Pins - Drop It
The Ballantynes triple threat tracks!

No Love

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