MBW "Shorts" - Wood Movement and the Simple Wooden Box

08.20.2013 - By Matt's Basement Workshop - Audio

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Shortly after the release of the most recent video featuring the new photo boxes I'm making for my wife's business I received an email from an audience member asking if I was concerned about the expansion and contraction of the box's bottom panel effecting the metered corners of its sides? In truth, not really, or at least not nearly as much as I would be if this was a different project and with larger dimensions and maybe even different materials. Of course, it's not just the dimensions and materials that make confident against the wood movement having drastic effects on the boxes, there's also a few other things too that make me feel confident about my decision. In today's video I discuss these topics in the hopes that I answer the audience member's concerns and maybe some others from folks who were thinking along the same lines. Items mentioned in today's post: Timber Check Moisture Meter Lee Valley Wood Movement Reference Guide Help support the show - please visit our advertisers

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