Episode 50 - Measure for Measure

03.23.2021 - By The Bicks Do...Shakespeare

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While many of Shakespeare's plays are talked about as being timeless, most of them are in fact very grounded in the specificities of Elizabethan and Jacobean England and the larger European renaissance. Measure for Measure is no different, but because of the topics on display, as well as how little our society has actually changed around those topics, the themes of female sexuality, religion and politics, and moral laxity still feel just as fresh as they did in Shakespeare's time. Join us for a chat about this surprisingly fun and partially subversive play on this episode!

Ancient Bickerings:

Do any of the characters in Measure for Measure get what they deserve?


"Measure for Measure: A Modern Perspective" has some salient points regarding the play's modern topics.

Handfasting - read all about it!

Aidan called a Romulan Warbird a "Romulan Bird of Prey" and will happily submit his nerd card to the nearest enforcement officer.

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