Meet serial entrepreneur Suhas, he wants to make Tvarit the first unicorn in Frankfurt

10.16.2019 - By - Startup podcast from Germany

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This interview is a Columbus Day Special. Suhas Patel is a serial entrepreneur. He is originally from India. Suhas is living for 14 years in Germany. He started 18 startups so far. visited him in a meeting room in a co-working space in Frankfurt to talk about his new venture Tvarit, an Industrial AI company.
“I believe this startup has the potential to be a unicorn”
Suhas calls himself a “Technology Evangelist” Before founding his startups he was working in R&D departments of Qualcomm and Intel.
“With the 18 startups, I helped entrepreneurs to start their business”
Suhas is working on a concept of “Business Driven Philanthropy” to build new business verticals on the latest technologies. He had to close 70% of the startups he helped to start. This is great, especially since normally 90% of startups do not survive. Now he decided to stop all his assignments and concentrate 100% on Tvarit, to make the AI startup the first unicorn in Frankfurt.
“B2C Ai startups are mainly in China and the US. For B2B there is a great potential for Germany”
Tvarit (त्वरित)is a Sanskrit word, almost 3000 years old, it means fast. Tvarit's core values are based on "FASTER customer journey" and "PERSISTENT prediction accuracy". The concept of Industry4.0 is misunderstood as condition monitoring. Tvarit takes a step further by taking the data from the condition monitoring and provide the analytics to give actionable insights.
“we have the potential to become the SAP of Artificial Intelligence, since we can get a 360 degree view of the whole manufacturing unit.”
For those, who do not understand Joe’s joke: Skynet is the evil computer AI in the Terminator franchise, trying to eliminate mankind:
“Two things are important, execution and focus”
Having strong R&D, Tvarit guarantees a patent application during the first 4-months project.
“You need to execute wisely and fast”

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