Metagaming Moment CCL - Week 47 DMs Guild Update

11.18.2020 - By Metagaming Moments

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#DnD5e #DMsGuild News = First, Mike's Free Encounter #62: Krympt Jätte from  Michael LaBossiere (@drlabossiere). Also, Tommy Williams  (@tyguitaxe) tells us about Bar Traps. Plus Find out what the top five products on the DMs Guildare; the five newest free products and six new Adventure League Titles. This lasts a little over  32 minutes.
Mike's Free Encounter #62: Krympt Jätte
New Articles About Dungeon Master’s Guild Products on the Internet:
Fantasy Tabletop RPGs Made By Non-European Creators
Enjoy Over 100 Traps in D&D in YOU'RE IN A BAR...TRAPS

Top Five Titles on DMs Guild
Exploring Eberron
Eberron Confidential
Tasha's Crucible of Everything Else Volume 1 
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Complete DM's Bundle (maps, guides, cheatsheets and more)
Monster Manual Expanded (5E)

Five Newest Free or Pay What You Want Products
Rime of the Frostmaiden Virtual GM Screen
The Magus Reworked
The Gladiator Class - Free Trial Version
Friday the 13th Bad Luck Chart
The Mechanical Takeover
New Adventure League Adventures on the Dungeon Masters Guild
CCC-FC3-04 For The Greater Good
CCC-TXLIFE-01 House of Masks
CCC-UNITE-GD-01 House of Diamonds
CCC-GSP04-01 Devil King High School: Year One
CCC-ARCANA-01 The Phantom Pursuit
CCC-ARCANA-02 Seclusion

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