Metagaming Moment CCXLIV - Week 45 DMs Guild Update

11.04.2020 - By Metagaming Moments

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#DnD5e #DMsGuild News = First, Mike’s Free Encounter #60: Calsh Stoneworks.  Plus we look at a Geektyrant article whear Tommy Williams  (@tyguitaxe) tells about 30 more horror themed adventures. In addition, from the CBR site, Brenton Stewart (@BrentonStewart6) wrote an article about getting Spooky campaign ideas!  Also, we hear about another Scooby Doo adventure.  Then, there is an adventure you can use to bring your party back from a total party kill. This lasts about 38 minutes. The audio is not that great, I had the gain way too high. it lasts about 33 and a half minutes.
Mike's Free Encounter #60: Calsh Stoneworks
New Articles About Dungeon Master’s Guild Products on the Internet:
Dungeons & Dragons: For Spooky Campaign Ideas, Check Dungeon Masters Guild
Enjoy 30 More Horror-Themed D&D Adventures in DREAMS OF SOLITUDE: RAVENLOFT CAMPAIGN
Enjoy the Low Stakes Mystery Adventure A GHASTLY MESS in D&D
Have Fun in the Afterworld with D&D's DEATH IS ONLY THE BEGINNING?
Become Mystery LLC Again with D&D's A NIGHT OF FRIGHT! 2: THE LICH'S GHOST
Top Five Titles on DMs Guild
Exploring Eberron
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Complete DM's Bundle (maps, guides, cheatsheets and more)
Codex of the Infinite Planes
Eyes Unclouded 
Monster Manual Expanded (5E) 
Five Newest Free or Pay What You Want Products
People and Places of the Pentateuch
The Manual of Exotic Materials
Trove of TalesPath of Friendship - A Primal Path for Barbarians
Oath of Compassion
New Adventure League Adventures on the Dungeon Masters Guild
CCC-BMG MOON 7-1 The Temple of the Beast
CCC-BMG MOON 7-2 The Temple of the Sun
CCC-BMG MOON 7-3 The Temple of Death
CCC-QCC2020-03 Run For The Money
DDAL-DRW-06 Thimblerigging

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