Metagaming Moments CCXLI - Eberron News 46

10.17.2020 - By Metagaming Moments

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#DnD5E #Eberron = Hear about a new Manifest Zone (@ManifestZone) Podcast with Keith Baker on Riedra.  Also, a CBR (@CBRonline) article where you will learn much more about the  Traveler.  Plus, I inform you on Baker’s (@HellcowKeith) new patreon level that gives you a chance to game with him. In addition, hear about a new artificer subclass that involves candy! Finally, it lasts almost 54 minutes.

New Manifest Zone Riedra
Dungeons & Dragons: Who Is The Traveler (& 9 Other Things You Need To Know)
New Across Eberron Adventure
Keith Baker Blog Entries:
IFAQ: Transportation
Dragonmarks: Svirfneblin
IFAQ: Mummies in Eberron
New Eberron Products on the DM’s Guild
The Queen With Burning Eyes
Escape from Riedra: An Across Eberron Adventure
The Bronze Egg
EB-10 Judgment of Iron
Oracle of War Battle Maps - Judgment of Iron
Classes and Subclasses
Candy Witch (Artificer Specialty)
Allies of Argonesson
Strange Artificers: the Necro-Alchemist
Strange Artificers: the Apothecarist
Miscellaneous Options
Storm King's Thunder in Eberron

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