Metagaming Moments CCXLVIII - Eberron News 47

11.16.2020 - By Metagaming Moments

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#DnD5E #Eberron News = Hear about How to run a warforged Soldier in your Eberron campaign as a monster.  Plus, find out how you can get advice on running Tarkanan assassins.  Also, hear about using the guilds of ravnica in Eberron. Moreover, hear about the new train heist adventure BARRELING FORWARD. In addition, find out about the new map set for Eberron Rising from the Last War. There is also coverage of Keith Baker’s blog entries and theenw EberronProducts onthe DMs Guild. The podcast lasts almost 41 minutes.
Warforged Soldier Tactics
Tarkanan Assassin Tactics
Using the Guilds of Ravnica in Eberron
Arcane Workshop, Eberron Rising from the Last War Map Series Launch
New D&D Errata Brings Eberron And Sword Coast Up To Speed With Tasha's
Dungeons & Dragons Makes Some Big Changes to the Artificer
SCAG and Eberron Errata! | Nerd Immersion
New Keith Baker’s Blog Entries
IFAQ: The Crimson Covenant
My Current Projects…
Ghost Stories of Eberron
IFAQ: 5N Fleets, Rune Arms, and the Next War
IFAQ: Swearing, Djinn, and Genasi
Eberron Confidential is here!
Threshold: Characters, Continued
IFAQ: Dragons Bad?
New Eberron Products on the DM’s Guild
Wrongs and Punishment: An Eberron Salvage Mission
Zarit's Laboratories
Barreling Forward
Voice of the Obsidian Idol
Last Stand at Copper Canyon
EB-EP-02 Rolling Thunder
Oracle of War Battle Maps - Rolling Thunder
Oracle of War Battle Maps - The Complete First Year
Monsters, NPCs & Sidekicks
Xorforged Mercenaries
Classes and Subclasses
Spirit of Halloween, Artificer: Mad Scientist
SpecialtyEberron: Khorvaire's Classified Callings
Races & Subraces
Miscellaneous Options
Sora Esma's Tome of Urban Legends: 13 Across Eberron Folktales
Wayfinder Foundation Primer
Thrane Heroic Chronicle
Politics of Valenar
Eberron Confidential

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