03. Mexico Vacation and Travelling – Free English Conversation Podcast

04.01.2015 - By Real English Conversations Podcast - Listen to English Conversation Lessons

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In This Real English Conversation Curtis and Amy and their friend just got back from a vacation in Mexico. They will tell you about their trip and their favorite and most interesting experiences in Mexico. Usually, these Canadians are always talking about going to warmer places when it's cold in Canada.

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Sample Transcription:

Amy: Hey this is Amy from realenglishconversations.com today Curtis and I are going to be talking about a recent trip that we took to Mexico and we also have a cool English expression that you’re going to be able to start using in your own conversations right away.

Amy: Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of real English conversations.    My name is Amy as usual I have my sidekick Curtis with me…

Curtis: Hello everybody.

Amy: How are you doing today Curtis?

Curtis: I’m doing excellent how are you today?

Amy: I’m doing pretty good.

Curtis: Sweet

Amy: In our house appreciating how warm it is in here compared to how cold it is outside

Curtis: Staying in, staying warm1.

Amy: We’ve been going through a little bit of arctic cold front that’s come into our province and made some pretty chilly2 temperatures.

Curtis: I had to put a few layers on a hoodie3, a wool sweater, a jacket.

& gloves, toque4.

End of transcription preview. To get a copy of the full transcription, visit this page.

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