#112. Miki Ash: Cultivating Happiness with Self Love

04.26.2019 - By Yoga Revealed Podcast

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Namaste Yogis I’m Andrew Sealy here to welcome you to the Yoga Revealed Podcast I believe one of the most enlightening things you do for yourself is immerse your mind body and spirit in Yoga. Yoga is Union and when we Unite. Together we inspire flight to uplift the world. You’re path to awakening to the transformative power of Yoga starts Now.
Today I have the great honor of connecting with an absolute angel! My home girl Miki Ash! In this interview we get to the root of happiness and what it takes to sustain that happiness through the ups and downs of life. In this deep dive we get into the nitty gritty of how to maintain positive relationships and let go of what doesn’t serve you. Listen close as Miki Reveals the practices and habits needed to really manifest your BEST SELF on this outstanding episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast!
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Now back to more magic with Miki!
Thank you for tuning into the Yoga Revealed Podcast. Be sure to check out Miki on Instagram @MikiAsh for daily Inspiration. Visit her website for Art, Meditation, and all things Miki at  http://mikiash.com for upcoming events and workshops worldwide. make sure to share this episode with a friend and give us a 5 star review if you appreciate the inspiring interviews we do! This is a community shaped by YOU! Let’s shine bright and Stay TRUE! Until next time. Blessings and Namaste Yogis

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