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Crime. Conspiracy. Cognizance. Welcome to Mile Higher hosted by husband & wife duo Josh Thomas and Kendall Rae! Our show focuses on True Crime but we delve into many other topics including conspiracy theories, unexplained phenomena, metaphysics, futurism, ancient civilizations and news stories the mainstream media doesn't cover. Our guests include experts in these topics as well as like-minded individuals who share our passion for uncovering the truth and exploring the mysteries of our universe. Come chill with us every Thursday and prepare to take your mind a mile higher! Watch the show on YouTube every Thursday!

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268: This 14 Yr. Old Couple...


Everyone knew that 14-year-old Kim Edwards of Spalding, Lincolnshire, hated her mother Elizabeth. But nobody was prepared for the news that came from the Edwards home on April 15th, 2016 - Kim and her 14-year-old boyfriend, Lucas Markham, brutally murdered ...

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