Millennials Discuss Adulting While Drinking Economy Wine-The Hometown Edition

12.31.2018 - By Off Topic with Kyra and Jess

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On Episode 5 of Off Topic we bring on two of our long-time hometown pals to tackle to subject of adulting. We wonder aloud if there was some manual on how to be adult that we somehow missed out on and discuss the trials and tribulations on growing up while drinking boxed economy wine in Jess's parents' basement (could we be more millennial??) If you ever struggled or are struggling with how to find your place in the world as a young adult, this one is for you! Other topics covered include but are not limited to: lactose intolerance, how frequently to wash one's hair, Amy Adams' age, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (aka the worst road ever), Wawa, the ideal number of children to have, etc. We also discuss a hot topic: who is hotter, Liam or Chris Hemsworth??? And for New Years, we share our resolutions. New Year, New Us? Enjoy!

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