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By Melissa Monte | Mindset Mentor

What's Mind Love ♡ Modern Mindfulness about?

Unlock the power of your mind, raise your frequency and become your highest self. Dive deep into topics like mindset mastery, meditation, peak performance, rewiring habits, brain hacks, energy alignment, intuition training, conscious living, yoga and more… No fluff. No BS. Join your host, Melissa Monte, in raising our collective conscious for the greater good… and in creating a badass legacy along the way. Hit subscribe for 5 karma points. Your future self will thank you. Let’s do this.

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History Erased: The Goddess...


Most of us grew up with a view of history that seemed more like a boys’ club, where women slowly fought for equal rights leading us to our reality today. But for many reasons (ahem… the patriarchy… ahem) much of ...

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