294- Mindsets and Processes for Investing with Jake Taylor

12.08.2020 - By InvestED: The Rule #1 Investing Podcast

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What's going to happen to the market in the following months? No one knows for sure. All you can do for now is stick to your process, and stay in the right mindset for rational investing. 
When you get overwhelmed by stress, lack of sleep, or other factors, your rational mind loses power and your emotions take over. This is a terrible mindset for making investment decisions.
You can't avoid those stressful situations as an investor, but the way you handle them can drastically change your outcome. When you notice you are feeling tense or nervous about an important investing decision, take a few slow, deep breaths to calm your nerves. Consider stepping back, and resuming when you have a clear head. In the long term, improving your problem-solving skills and looking at things from a larger perspective will help you deal with stress without feeling overwhelmed.
Having a set of processes and boundaries when looking for companies to invest in is critical. Benjamin Graham, who was Warren Buffett's mentor, said that the first thing all investors should think about when they buy a stock is that they have bought part of a business. This is an excellent mindset to have as an investor for several reasons.
When you own a business, you care about how well the business is performing its core functions. When you focus on that, instead of on how the stock price changes from one day to the next, you adopt a long-term perspective that is crucial for investing success. Thinking like an owner also helps you avoid panic selling. You maintain a rational perspective and avoid being driven by emotions.
In today’s podcast, Jake Taylor—Chief Executive Officer of Farnam Street Investments—sits down with Danielle to discuss his investing process and how he keeps a rational mindset before making any important decisions.
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