5 Mistakes I Did As A Beginner Photographer (Hindi)

09.25.2021 - By Tasveer - The Hindi Photography Podcast by Photo Basics

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About Video :
This video is about the 5 common mistakes that every beginner's photographer do, I did it too and you can improve your photography and experience of becoming a photographer by just avoiding these mistakes.

If you are not doing any mistakes you are not doing something new and I have done a lot of mistakes because I never wanted to play it safe, That's the beauty of life you can learn every time you try something new.
Check out this video and let me know your thoughts.


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About Video :
How to click photos like your favorite creator? This new technique can really give you goosebumps when you can actually color grade your photos directly from the camera like your favorite creators. So this is how you can capture photos like Peter McKinnon...

I am using Samsung for almost 2 years now and I just came to know about this technique that I can actually add my own filters and for some of the shots I don't even need to edit these photos...

Don't believe me ? Try out yourself...
#smartphonephotography #samsung #petermckinnon

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