Mitra Politi

01.06.2021 - By Evolve with Pete Evans

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Reaching Your Divine Potential with Mitra Politi

Reaching your divine potential involves shedding layers of behaviours that have been attached to you through your experience of the external world. As spiritual guide Mitra Politi explains, only then will we find harmony with nature. Today we tap into Mitra's extensive experience as a healer to discuss topics that range from humanity's gradual awakening to talking about his new book, Insights: Steps to the Truth. Early in our conversation, Mitra shares advice on finding the right spiritual tool for you before we dive into how we can collectively uplift society through spiritual practice.

A profound topic, Mitra speaks about the Divine Particle that can be found within us and what you can do to connect with your natural, harmonic self. After chatting about the role of humour in Mitra's healing practice, we reflect on why life is a game - and why many people aren't playing the right game. We also touch on Mitra's healing techniques, how he diagnoses people, and how we can overcome addiction through positive momentum. Near the end of the episode, we ask Mitra for his perspective on fixing imbalances in our lives. His answers highlight the power of nurturing positivity and love. Tune in for this incredible discussion on connecting with your divine self.

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