ML 016: Python as a Basis for Machine Learning with Ken Youens-Clark

01.05.2021 - By Adventures in Machine Learning

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Ken Youens-Clark regales us with his history through Jazz, Microsoft Tech, and Python and bioinformatics. Regular expressions are a fundamental part of data identification and cleaning. Also, we touch on the importance of types and tests as a specification for yourself and others. Python, as a data-science starting point, should be clean, functional, and friendly. Aspiring data scientists can learn a lot about the importance of fundamentals and clear encodings that fit the desired needs.


Beril Sirmacek
Gant Laborde


Ken Youens-Clark


Manning | Tiny Python Projects by Ken Youens-Clark

Tiny Python Project PDF by Ken Youens-Clark

Tiny Python Project by Ken Youens-Clark
ROSALIND | Problems | Locations
Twitter: Ken Youens-Clark


Beril- Youtube Channel: Beril Sirmacek

Gant- Twitter: Jason Mayes

Ken- Netflix Series: " The Queen's Gambit"

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