18 Mobile Marketing Tips for 2020

01.29.2020 - By Digital Deeksha Marketing Podcast

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Mobile Marketing Guide for 2020  
Mobile marketing is adapting your marketing efforts to reach users who are interacting with your brand or business from their mobile devices.  
In 2019, the average smartphone user spent around 3 hours and 10 minutes on their smartphone every single day in the U.S.  
1. Make Mobile Priority in Every Marketing campaign 
2. Google Search Console mobile features  
3. Test mobile website speed 
4. Mobile Friendly Website 
5. Mobile Friend UI 
6. Responsive Email Newsletters 
7. Check which smartphone used to access your content in GA 
8. Focus on Google My Business 
9. Ask users for Facebook Check-in 
10. SMS Marketing 
11. Create videos about your products, services 
12. Create content for voice search 
13. Use mobile ads 
14. Use QR Codes in marketing 
15. Create PWA App for your website 16. Focus on social media 
17. Sale products via Instagram 
18. Mobile friend popups and landing pages  

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