Mommy Millionaire

By Cayla Craft

What's Mommy Millionaire about?

Cayla Craft is the Rich Mom, Millionaire Mentor Investor and founder of the Mommy Millionaire.

As the the inspirational Icon for self-made mothers seeking financial freedom, asset wealth generation, multi-generational wealth, she is out to shatter society’s addiction to the paycheck.

Cayla knows from personal experience that flexible income and financial wisdom pave the way to true freedom, and is determined to help her clients build heart-centered businesses so they can heal their relationships with money. Cayla trained and worked as an ER nurse, then transitioned to making millions in multi-level marketing … but with no money mentors or financial know-how at her disposal, she spent more than she took in. When she recognized her own unhealthy habits, she committed to educating herself on entrepreneurship, investment, and building generational wealth.

Now, through intensive one-on-one mentoring and investing, she shares that wisdom. She shows clients how to take control of their earning power, build lucrative multi-dimensional businesses, and live abundant lives. A straight-shooter and rule breaker, Cayla knows exactly how to inspire growth entrepreneurs to become self-made millionaires. With care and candor, she trains them to think, act, and live like a millionaire as though it is their birthright, because it is.

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