Monday July 12 - Full Show

07.12.2021 - By The Dana Show with Dana Loesch

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Anti-Communist protests erupt in Cuba over the weekend. Kamala Harris says people in rural areas don’t have an Office Max. Vaccine mandates continue to increase. Texas Democrats walk out of another special session over a voting rights bill. The White House says Cubans shouting freedom is a protest against their government during a pandemic. Woke scientists want to rename the Gypsy moth. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us to discuss Cuba, the assassination of Haiti’s president, and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.Please visit our great sponsors:Patriot Mobile your trust in Patriot Mobile. Now get 50% off the first 2 months OR $100 off any phone in stock with a 1-year commitment, as well as free premier activation with promo code Dana. or call 972-PATRIOT. Kel-Techttps://KelTecWeapons.comKelTec: Creating Innovative, Quality Firearms to help secure your world. Delta Rescuehttps://deltarescue.orgGet your complete Estate Planning kit at today and let your passion for animals live well into the future. Superbeetshttps://DanasBeets.comBuy 2 bags of SuperBeets Heart Chews and get a bag of Vitamin D3 Chews AND a free bag of SuperBeets Heart Chews. Ladders, Inc using the Ladders’ new Apply4Me service today and never fill out another job form again!Tommy John now get 20% off your FIRST ORDER

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