Money Sex Power with Danetha Doe

By Danetha

What's Money Sex Power with Danetha Doe about?

Money Sex Power is a provoking and provocative podcast helmed by Danetha Doe, the creator of Money & Mimosas. She founded Money & Mimosas to expand what it means to be a wealthy woman. Listen in on conversations with women who will challenge you to examine and reexamine your self-limiting beliefs and abusive relationship with money, sex, and power. Please Note: You will be offended. You will feel attacked. And that is where your journey of being a wealthy woman begins. If you’re ready to hear the truth, do the work, and stop avoiding the fullness of your womanhood, subscribe now.

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Episode 9: Is There Room Fo...


In this special episode, I wanted to explore power in politics and what impact Vice President Kamala Harris will have on the collective experience of Black women in the United States. Today's guest is truthteller, Rita Forte. Rita Forte is ...

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