Monster Of The Week: A Supernatural Podcast

By Jeremy Greer, Chris Mosher

What's Monster Of The Week: A Supernatural Podcast about?

Monster of the Week is a podcast focused on covering every episode of Supernatural, the show about saving people, hunting things, and the family business. Monster of the Week has three hosts: Jeremy Greer, Chris Mosher, and Stephen Veilleux. Each has their own history with the franchise, which you can hear about in the very first episode. Whether you're new to the Supernatural universe or an old fan, we think you'll enjoy the podcast. Get in touch with us at the links below!

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Episode 248: Who Could Be N...


Hello hunks! This week we're joined by Amory, a longtime friend of the show and all around great person to discuss our overall thoughts on S14 and answer questions from our listeners. It's an extra long episode with plenty of ...

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