S2 E14: 47 Months Pregnant

10.25.2017 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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Welcome back to your favorite Grey’s Anatomy podcast with your two favorite hosts who struggle with technology. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Abbey deleted the first recording of this episode. So, take a listen to an epic cold open of uncontrollable laughter at their failures.

Abbey compares Bri to the patient Ms. Larson because she’s all done up, her shoulders are out, she can’t stop singing, and scarves over lamps. Spoiler alert: all of Bri’s lamps are covered with scarves (it looks really good guys).

Cristina tells off Shepard in defense of her #1 Meredith, while Burke invites Meredith over for dinner. Needless to say Cristina is weirded out.

Watching Cristina shove hot dogs in her mouth is Bri’s spirit animal and Abbey and Bri agree that only Cristina could eat hot dogs that way without it being even slightly sexual.

Bailey delivers another teaching moment as she is 47 months pregnant, but sees all, hears all, and will be back. The interns stare uncomfortably, Abbey and Bri give it two thumbs up.

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