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04.29.2022 - By Defenders On TV Podcast Industries

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It is the penultimate episode as as we chat about Moon Knight Episode 5 Asylum. A highly emotional look back through Marc and Steven's history.

Moon Knight Episode 5 "Asylum" Synopsis

Moon Knight Character created by: Doug Moench

Executive Producers - Kevin Feige, Louis D'Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Grant Curtis, Brad Winderbaum, Oscar Isaac, Mohamed Diab, Jeremy Slater

Head Writer: Jeremy Slater

Episode Written by: Rebecca Kirsch and Matthew Orton

Episode Directed By: Mohamed Diab

After their murder at the hands of Arthur Harrow, Steven and Marc are stuck in an afterlife with the Egyptian god Tawaret. This afterlife is a death barge on route through the Duat that resembles a psychiatric hospital. It is filled with their lifetime of memories.

In order to pass over to the Field of Reeds, Marc and Steven’s hearts need to balance a feather on the scales of justice. Otherwise they will be condemned to the sands of the Duat. But Taweret thinks the oscillating scales are because of the missing pieces in each of their lives that is holding them back from balance.

Marc has to reveal the most painful of memories to Steven. When they were children, Marc’s brother Randell drowned in an accident but his mother blamed Marc for his death. As their mother sank deeper into alcoholism she took out her pain and anger on Marc which led to him creating Steven Grant, based on the fearless adventurer from Marc and his brother’s favourite movie.

Without any protection from his father Marc used Steven to shield himself from the abuse until he left home and entered the army. But he was kicked out and took a mercenary job with his commanding officer Bushman.

On a job in Egypt with Layla’s father Bushman ordered everyone in the expedition killed. Marc was unable to save them and, injured at the foot of a statue of Khonshu, decided to take his own life. But Khonshu saw his potential and convinced Marc to give himself over and become his fist of vengeance, his Moon Knight.

As Steven learns of their past and the truth of his mother he tries to absolve Marc of his anger,

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