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Faith Salie's recent commentary on Breaking News and its meandering into becoming of lesser and lesser importance for the viewers to be interrupted sparked my attention when Salie offered a simple suggestion: more depth, less drama.  As soon as she said it, my ears and mind perked up.  What a simple approach to living well. An approach to welcome more substance, less stress, more enjoyment, less unnecessary conflict and more tranquility and less anxiety. Could it really be that simple?  Let's start with the drama we unnecessarily welcome into our lives and what we might potential replace it with to improve the quality of our everydays: 1. Viewing Entertainment Less . . .  drama on the television shows, reality programming or films that further perpetuate stereotypes, harm, violence or simplification and/or misguided problem resolution. More . . .  depth offered in exploratory programming, documentaries, well-written, thought-provoking plots that include well-developed characters and unique storylines. Reality programming that exhibits teachable skills and positive relationship styles. ~This & That: October 19, 2018 - Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat 2. Conversations Less . . .  dramatic conversations such as superficial, assumptive and unfounded chitchat such as gossip, judging, and labeling simply for the sake of having any conversation.  More . . .  depth of thought that elevates the conversation, observes possibilities and suggests solutions to frustrations.  3. Daily Routine Less . . .  drama provoked by stretching ourselves too thin when it comes to our schedule, our budget, our emotional well-being. More . . .  depth of reasoning behind the decisions we make that become the framework of our lives - our routines, our relationships, our monetary expenses and investments.  ~18 Ways to Simplify Daily & Weekly Routines ~Archived TSLL posts on Relationships ~Archived TSLL posts on Money ~Today's image is a glimpse of one of my favorite weekly routines as shared on Instagram - Sunday morning.  4. Self-Awareness Less . . .  drama caused by poor engagement with others and letting our worries spill into other areas of our lives.  More . . .  depth of awareness to recognize when we need a "timeout" to recharge, rest, recalibrate and decide how we will positively address any situations in our lives that are causing us stress so that it doesn't bleed into other areas of our life unconsciously. (check out episode #227 for ideas on Self-Care) 5. Understanding Priorities Less . . .  drama provoked by unsolicited responses and commentary on every little event that occurs at work or in your life. More . . .  depth of recognition when it comes to your priorities as you identify which events/conversations requires your engagement and your finite energy. Contribute to conversations that are of importance and you feel you have something unique and positive to offer, otherwise let those who do feel invested in the conversation work through the matter at hand without you.  ~Responding vs. Reacting: The Difference, episode #145 6. Friendships & Relationships Less . . .  dramatic friends or individuals in your life that thrive off of stress, exhaustion, games or manipulation. More . . .  depth of character and integrity in the individuals you choose to spend time with. Sincerity, a healthy sense of self and kind offering of one's time and energy. 7. Mastering of One's Mind Less . . .  drama stirred up in your own mind needlessly due to the inability to master your thoughts, note them and move forward without being hampered by their attempt at distraction or self-doubt. More . . .  depth of self-awareness and recognition of what is going well, an understanding of how you function at your best and how to cultivate a life that helps your best self come to fruition. (check out TSLL's 2nd book which is primarily focused on helping readers attain their best self: Living The Simply Luxurious Life: Making Your Everydays Extraordinary and Discovering Your Best Self) 8. Boundaries Less . . .  drama from lack of self-respect which is communicated nonverbally as well as verbally when we don't understand our self-worth (Discover 10 Ways to Strengthen Your Self-Worth).  More . . .  depth of clarity by clearly communicating your boundaries through words and actions. We end up teaching others how we expect to be treated, what we will tolerate and what will never be acceptable not with our words alone, but also how we allow others to speak and treat us. The gift we give ourselves by being aware of how boundaries can be conveyed is that often we avoid drama all together by exemplifing ourselves as a person of self-respect.  ~A Powerful Couple: Vulnerability & Boundaries, episode #126 The beauty in choosing a life of depth over drama is that we won't even fully be aware of the drama we have avoided by living a life of depth because we no longer entertain it as an option. And that is what gives us more energy, more time and more space to spend our lives doing what we love, investing in what we care about and building relationships that we want to welcome and strengthen in our lives.  Petit Plaisir ~Destination Wedding ~read the interview with the writer and director Victor Levin (writer for Mad About You, 5 to 7) which appeared in The Washington Post Sponsors for today's episode: Blinkist visit promo code SS - to start your free 7-day trial HelloFreshVisit - Use promo code sophisticate60 to save $60 Le Mysterethe first 50 Simple Sophisticate listeners will receive a free Le Mystere makeup bag use promo code SIMPLE Holly & Tanager, The Professional: Backpack Purse (check out the video below) Visit 15% off your first order with promo code SIMPLE at checkout   ~Image: One of my favorite weekly routines is captured - Sunday morning breakfast and reading material (via IG)

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