More Than Mom: The State Of Our Style, One Year Into COVID

02.21.2021 - By The Mom Hour

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Sarah is wearing children’s sweatpants and leaving the house in her slippers. Meagan has cracked the code on being Zoom-face-ready AND workout-available with a single outfit. It may not look like the mom-style we aspired to you a few years ago, but it’s working for February 2021. Today’s More Than Mom episode is a (very) honest, semi-pantsless look at the state of our style situation right now. We share what we’re wearing, what’s working well, items we’re in search of, and where we need serious help as we look ahead to spring. Join us!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in this episode:
We mentioned Meagan’s Voices interview with Dacy How To Create A Mindful Closet (And Discover Clothes You Truly Love): Voices 53
Sarah loves shopping Jane for inexpensive basics and has had some great luck, including (all links are affiliates):
soft, everyday leggings
3/4-sleeve doman tops
cute stud earrings
extra-long layering camis
Sarah mentioned these basic briefs from Amazon (affiliate link)
Sarah’s favorite lululemon joggers
Meagan likes her Beta Brand dress pant yoga pants
Both Meagan and Sarah still love their base bra from Harper Wilde
Sarah mentioned liking these Girl’s Cozy Jogger Pants from the Target kids’ section (affiliate link)
The Vionic boots that Meagan has are the Brynn, Bethany, and Lois
The Vionic shoes Sarah is loving are the Malibu slip on shoes
Sarah’s new favorite robe from a local shop Riviera Towel
We talked about this sweater blazer from J Crew factory that our friend Christine Koh recommended

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