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What's Mormon Mental Health Podcast about?

Mormon Mental Health is an online mental health resource serving the Mormon community through hosting mental health podcasts. Mormon Mental Health was created in response to an increasing demand for an easy way to inform and connect Mormons seeking mental health services with resources and professionals that address Mormon culture, Mormon beliefs, and the issues unique to Mormon family and community systems. Mormon Mental Health is a service of Mormon Stories and the Open Stories Foundation. Mormon Stories explicitly seeks to align all operations with the Mormon Stories Shared Values Statement. Additionally, we endeavor to ensure that the projects we undertake 1) support individuals in Mormon-related faith crises, 2) save marriages where appropriate, 3) heal families, and 4) celebrate, challenge, and advance Mormon culture in healthy ways.

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231: Strategies and Framing...


Natasha Helfer, Tami Harris and Lisa Butterworth talk about healthy strategies and framings to get us through the Holiday season in ways that feel authentic and meaningful. To help keep Mormon Mental Health going past 2021, please donate at

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