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Welcome to the Morning Routine Series! Today’s focus is on Affirmations. An affirmation is a statement that is powerful, positive and empowering. We use affirmations to celebrate our current reality as well as create our future reality. By speaking affirmations aloud each day, you can incrementally change your beliefs about your self. Listen to this episode to get the full discussion on Affirmations! S Want a more productive, low stress kind of day?? Get my FREE Morning Routine Guide HERE!!! Yup, I created this eBook with 7 steps to a more intentional and productive morning that will only open the flow of positive experiences to occur throughout your day. Don’t forget to download!!!! Join me on Instagram for more connective storytelling, personal growth discussion & mindset guidance! @journaltheory Building a biz and want to trade services!?! Join Babes Who Trade! It’s an Entrepreneurial Exchange where you can barter your mad skills for what you need! If you’re a Shy Girl, or Recovering Shy girl, you NEED to the Club! In this private Facebook group, I do live trainings to give you the tools and accountability to begin overcoming your shyness and stepping into confidence! Connect with myself and other women right now!!! Join Shy Girl Bye Club. Photo by Amber Linn Photography

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